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not all dynamic DNS services are equal

In the tech world, once you have something working, you tend stick with it for a long time. I’ve been using Zoneedit to host my various DNS domains for almost 10 years. But today, I’m switching to DnsMadeEasy.

This is being driven by Zoneedit’s Dynamic DNS limitations. Specifically, when you update the IP associate with one of your hosts, it can take a while before Zoneedit start publishing the new address. In my tests, it was taking over one hour. On top of that, you can not set the Time-To-Live (TTL) on the (A)ddress records. For DDNS, both of these are non-starters. The whole idea with DDNS is that you know your IP address will change periodically. And when it does, you want the world to have the new IP address as soon as possible.

Several months ago, for a service I was creating, I had the chance to use DnsMadeEasy. At a high level, there is not a lot of difference between DNS hosting companies. But sometimes the small differences are important. DnsMadeEasy has a much better web interface that allows you to have fine grained control of your DNS records. And equally important, changes to your zone are live almost immediately. Finally, rather than hosting your domain on just 2 DNS servers, DnsMadeEasy gives you six.

I think I would be more accommodating if I had been using ZoneEdit’s free version but I have been paying for the service. So while I have not been unhappy with ZoneEdit’s service over the years, it’s time to move to something better.


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