software and art – the same but different

Today, I’m in review mode. I’ve been going through some of the team’s projects and providing feedback.  Maybe it takes a tech to belive it but software really is like art.  Even if it functionally works, it can be beautiful or utter crap.

I’m the kind of guy who is a perfectionist.  I like things to be structured properly, named probably, commented properly, etc, etc.  Considering how mature our industry is, you would think that there was great concensus on what is beautiful and that everyone was onboard with the ‘right way’ to code.

It amazes me how many young developers who seem to not really care about code quality.  It seems that most have to learn the hard way why it’s so important to really care about the quality of the code that they write.  Most are just focused on getting the functionality coded and then claiming success.  Very few actually create code the 1st time around that is really stellar.  Now having said that, almost all developers can be taught very quickly why its important.